About Me

Credit: Wenatchee World

Credit: Wenatchee World

My name is Dustin Hays, I was born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley.

I was first introduced to Julian Records back in 2009 when my father gave me his 45 collection. While pulling out certain records, and telling me about the groups, he pulled out his copy of the Billy & the Kids release, “It’s Not the Same b/w Say You Love” and told me that they were a group from Wenatchee that were his age. We put it on, and I was hooked. For awhile after that I scrounged the internet for as much Julian music as possible, but didn’t come across that much. The Garagehangover site did have quite a lot on Billy & the Kids and the Chargers though!

In 2011 I decided that it just wasn’t right that most of the releases and information on the groups wasn’t accessible to the world. So, I took it upon myself to track everything down so that people could experience it all again! This site is frequently being updated as I discover more! Once I feel like my search is “complete” I’m planning on donating everything I find to a museum so that this piece of history can be properly preserved for future music lovers!

In 2012, the Wenatchee World wrote a story about my project, you can read it here.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dustin

    Is it possible to buy some 45’s from the Julian label from you? I’m looking for the Talismen and Billy and the Kids 45’s. It would great if you can help me. Thanks. Best regards, Kevin

    • Glad to hear from you Kevin,

      Sadly I don’t have any extra copies of those (I only have 1 of the Kids’ 45s and 1 of the Talismen’s 45s). Both the Talismen and Billy & the Kids’ 45s are quite difficult to come by. Most of the Julian 45s appear on eBay every once in a while, it’s just a matter of waiting.. There is a copy of the Talismen’s “I’ll Take a Walk” b/w “I Know A Girl” 45 on Ebay currently, so that’s available if you’re interested.

      Sorry I couldn’t help more,

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