Judd Hamilton & the Furys

Release on Julian:

  • J-101 I’m Not Around Anymore b/w Little Lost Angel
    Released in 1961
Compilation Appearances:
  • (CD) Teen-Age Dreams Volume 12 – Little Lost Angel
  • (CD)Top Teen Time Volume 3 – Little Lost Angel
In 1960, Judd Hamilton was just a Eastmont graduate starting out his freshmen year at Wenatchee Valley College. That year, college put on a talent show, and Judd worked up the courage to enter, playing a tune he had written.
Don Bernier was in the audience that night, and after seeing him perform, and place in second, approached him and proposed recording a record with a band he knew called the Furys. A short while after that, the lot of them drove over to a Spokane radio station to record a few tunes. The record placed in the KMEL Top 10 after it was released.
Don booked the group only a few performances, one being at Wenatchee’s D&D Roller Rink, opening up for the Ventures. Before Judd performed that night he had a conversation with Bob Bogle, one of the founding members of the Ventures, who ended the conversation with the classic, “If you’re ever in California, look us up!” After hearing that Judd only lasted two more semesters on his basketball scholarship before dropping out and heading for California.

Billboard - June 23, 1961

After moving to Hollywood he became a roadie for the Ventures while still recording some music on Dolton, Regency, and Bob Bogle’s label Unity, under the name “Shane”. In 1965 a Liberty Records producer, Joe Sareceno, asked Judd to form a touring version of the band the T-Bones to promote the record “No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In)”. The group spent the next couple years touring and releasing records after which they disbanded in 1967. The remaining members of the T-Bones went on to perform as Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.

Judd went on to record and produce music, as well as producing films such as “Manic” and “The Last Horror Film”. Now-a-days Judd resides in Seattle, where he still is recording music. He’s set up a SoundClick page where you can listen to his songs.


Thanks to Judd Hamilton for his contributions to this article.

If you have any information on Judd Hamilton or the Furys that you would like to share, send me an email at Julianrecordsinfo@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

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