Robert Blane Gifford

Releases on Julian:

  • J-100 Go On b/w Don’t Say No No
    Released in 1961 under the group name “Blane & the Julians”
  • J-102 It Doesn’t Matter b/w Someday, One Day
  • J-112 Nancy Darling b/w Blame It On A Woman
    Released under the name “Bob Gifford & the Joint Return”
Compilation Appearances:
  • (CD) Teen-Age Dreams Volume 12 – Go On
  • (MP3) Rare Rock N’ Roll Tracks Of The ’50s & ’60s Vol. 4 – Go On
  • (CD) Echoes of Buddy Holly – Don’t Say No No
  • (MP3) The Buddy Holly Sound – Don’t Say No No
  • (CD) Teen-Age Dreams Volume 23 – It Doesn’t Matter
  • (CD) Teen-Age Dreams Volume 23 – Someday, One Day
  • (MP3) Rare Rock N’ Roll Tracks Of The ’50s & ’60s Vol. 6 –  Someday, One Day
Robert Blane Gifford -Vocals
Mike Barnhart – Guitar (on J-100 and J-102)
Richard Gull – Bass (on J-100 and J-102)
Diane Gifford – Backup Vocals (on J-100 and J-102)
Ann Hill – Backup Vocals (on J-100 and J-102)
Cleo Gilstrap – Piano (on J-102)
Teresa Gifford – Backup Vocals (on J-112)

Appeared under the new releases, “Limited Sale Potential – Country & Western” section of Billboard Magazine, February 27, 1961

Robert Blane Gifford was a Wenatchee recording artist who released the most material on Julian Records. As well as recording three 45s with the label, two more of his songs were used on the Stardusters 45 (J-113). Robert performed at several veterans halls and granges around the valley and was recording up until the late ’80s.

Thanks to Robert Gifford for his contributions to this article.

If you have any information on Robert Gifford or the Julians that you would like to share, send me an email at or leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Robert Blane Gifford

  1. That is my father…OMG!!! Such talent that was never really heard!!! I was born in Wenatchee Washington shortly after we moved from California…He was hoping to make a name for him and his music there…Well you never know…

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