The Talismen

Credit: Craig Green

Credit: Craig Green

Releases on Julian:

  • J-105A She Was Good b/w My Life Is So Lonely
  • J-108 I’ll Take A Walk b/w I Know A Girl
Compilation Appearances:
  •  (LP) Teenage Shutdown! “Things Been Bad” – She Was Good
  • (CD) Teenage Shutdown! “Things Been Bad” – She Was Good
  • (LP) Highs in the Mid-Sixties Volume 14 – She Was Good
  • John Wood – Guitar & Vocals
  • Jack Cooper – Guitar & Vocals
  • Loren Bolinger – Guitar & Keyboard
  • Leon Jeffreys – Bass
  • Joe Britt – Drums
  • Rick Cooper – Bass

Credit: Loren Bolinger (via PNWBands)

If you have any information on the Talismen that you would like to share, send me an email at or leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “The Talismen

  1. I was the drummer for the Talismen.
    I’m living in Federal Way, WA – Jerry Sparks called me and told me about your web site.
    This is really cool. Brings back some great memories.
    I still have the 45 record of I know a girl.
    Still have my original Lugwig drum set. Don’t play any more but would love to play again.
    Thanks for putting this great banks back on the map.
    Nothing like good old rock and roll.

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