Bands Covering Julian Songs

Thanks to compilation series like “Back From the Grave”, “Highs in the Mid-Sixties”, “Teenage Shutdown!” and “Quagmire” (not to mention countless others), people all around the world are still discovering these songs everyday!

The Stepping Stones were a band from England who covered Billy & the Kids at a show back in 1990, after hearing their song on the Back From The Grave Vol. 6 compilation.
This all-girl punk group from California recorded “Say You Love Me” in 2011, also after hearing the song on the Back From the Grave compilations.
Here’s another live cover of “Say You Love Me”
Here’s a slowed-down version of “Say You Love Me”
In 2009 the Swedish all-girl group, Voladoras covered the Talismen’s tune “She Was Good” (re-worked into “He Was Good”)
Here’s another Talismen cover

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