Where to Find These Tunes!

Now a days it’s quite hard to find any of this great music (in it’s original 45-form). But there are still some ways to get a hold of it!

J-100 Go On & Don’t Say No No AmazonMp3 

J-101 Little Lost Angel AmazonMp3 

J-102 Someday, One Day AmazonMp3 

J-104 Say You Love Me Back From the Grave Pt. 3 CD 

J-105 She Was Good Highs in the Mid-Sixties Volume 14 LP 

J-106 Taxi Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1 CD

J-106 I’m So Alone Teenage Shutdown! Volume 6 “I’m Down Today” CD 

J-110 World of Woe Quagmire Volume 8 CD 

J-110 Why Can’t You Tell Me Quagmire Volume 7 CD


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