The Chargers

Release on Julian:
  • J-106 Taxi b/w I’m So Alone
Release on Get Hip:
  • GHAS-71 Four By the Chargers – You Got A Hold, Taxi b/w I Need Your Love, The News In General
Compilation Appearances:
  • (LP) Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 2 – Taxi
  • (CD) Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1 – Taxi
  • (LP) Teenage Shutdown! “I’m Down Today” – I’m So Alone
  • (CD) Teenage Shutdown! “I’m Down Today” – I’m So Alone

Credit: Garagehangover

The Chargers after winning recording time at a talent show. Credit: Wenatchee World

Steve Barone – Guitar & Vocals
Ron Kinscherf – Guitar & Vocals
Curt Dorey – Bass & Vocals
Steve Nelsen – Keyboard, Drums & Vocals
Tony Morgan – Drums & Vocals
Jerry Riley – Drums
Larry Youngblood – Vocals
Don Sandstorm – Vocals

The Chargers began as Tony Morgan, Curt Dorey, and Larry Youngblood; a three-piece version of the Chargers. Soon after their formation, Steve Barone (formally of the group “The Husters”) joined the group. The band parted with Larry, after which Ron Kinscherf, Don Sandstrom and Steve Nelson joined on. The Chargers performed all over Washington (aside from the Seattle area). The Wenatchee valley, Yakima, Spokane, Bridgeport, they all got a taste of the Chargers. Around the valley they played as many dances as possible. In 1966 the Chargers won a talent show at Pioneer Junior High; first prize being recording time for Julian Records. The single was recorded in Spokane, by Don Bernier. “Taxi” was the first tune they laid down. Steven Nelson had written it after breaking up with his girlfriend. The B-side, “I’m So Alone” was a last minute effort based around a pre-Chargers tune that Steve Barone had written with his friend Carl Hunt. After the release, they went to #3 on the local survey and were being played on the radio all the time!

The Chargers performing in the late ’60s Credit: Wenatchee World

As time went on, Don left; later Tony, who was replaced Jerry Riley. In 1968 the band went back to a studio and recorded three tunes, “I Need Your Love”, “News in General” and “You Gotta Hold”. The band ended prematurely due to band management. Sadly their manager had stopped making payments on their equipment. The band was broke before they could get the songs pressed. That experience pretty much ended the band. A few of the member made attempts at post-Chargers en-devours but it never felt right.

The Chargers Rehearsing, 2012 Credit: Wenatchee World

As of late 2011 the Chargers are rehearsing again and a release of their 3 never-released tracks is in the works. In March 2012, they performed live for the first time in over 40 years and the Clearwater Saloon in East Wenatchee, WA. You can see pictures of the show here!


4 thoughts on “The Chargers

  1. The five young gentlemen pictured around the trailer were the ones who did the recording. Steve Nelsen composed the tune “Taxi” after breaking up with his cheerleader girlfriend!! I walked into a practice session, and the rest of the guys already had it down; all I added was those Silvertone guitar licks and background vocals at the end. There really was no “Lead Singer” as it were; we all shared the duties. Each of us had a distinctive voice so we shared. Tony even had a song called “Fly My Kite” and he would get up from the drum kit and sing this song. Steve Nelsen wouold play drums when Tony became lead singer for his tune. Of course, this song was ultimately forgotten when Tony left the band.
    The other sites would not print this, but ultimately the band was destroyed by a dishonest manager, who “purchased” a Sunn bass amp, two Fender Bandmasters, mikes, a PA, and the Farfisa organ. All opur gig money went to the equipment…but we later discovered he had gambled and drank the money and had not made payments so everything got repossessed. End of band pretty much.

  2. As I recall the Chargers always started off their dances with a great rendition of the Stax classic “Hip-Hug-Her” They were one of the best of Wenatchee’s classic era of rock. I hope to hear them again sometime!

  3. 40 test pressings arrived on December 12, 2013. We had waited a long time, since the original message on Garage Hangover getting the whole thing started was dated July 2011!!!!! There were incidents and accidents, hints and allegations, but Get Hip inc. came through for us. They deserve a lot of credit for taking this project on with no guarantee it would be worth it, but on this end it has been fantastic. The 40 test copies may be rare since the regular run is expected to be in transparent yellow!!!

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