Debbie & Gaylis

Release on Julian:

  • J-105B My Life Is So Lonely
    Appeared on a split-45 with the Talismen on the A side

Debbie Carmichael – Vocals
Gaylis Linville – Vocals
The Talismen – Backing Band

Debbie & Gaylis only recorded one song with Julian Records. They had approached Don Bernier about recording a record but only had one song, “My Life Is So Lonely”, their take on the The Shirelles’ 1962 hit “Soldier Boy”. Don then went to the Talismen, saying he would finance the record and give them the other side if they played as the backing band for the girls.

Jack Cooper (Guitarist for the Talismen) can only remember performing with them once, in Waterville, WA. They joined the Talismen mid-performance and sang “My Life Is So Lonely”.

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